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Digyo Island Sandbar
Digyo Island
A 30-minute boat ride away from the mainland of Leyte awaits a splendid paradise of not just one island but four. Located in the municipalities of Inopacan and Hindang lies the four scenic islets of Leyte: Himokilan, Mahaba, Apid, and Digyo, aptly named as the CUATRO ISLAS.


Himokilan, also called as Shoe Island for its “shoe” shape from afar, is the island I most looked forward to visiting. Unfortunately, Himokilan is no longer within the jurisdiction of Inopacan. We can only get there by taking another boat from Hindang, which means another separate expense. We thought it’s not practical anymore, time and money wise, so we chose to exclude it from our island hopping escapade.

Shoe island

Himokilan Island view from Mahaba Island


Our first island. Mahaba sports a long crescent beach with a white powdery sand and clear turquoise waters. From the west stands a gorgeous, dungeon-like rock looking unsullied and promising and a view of Himokilan island at its best.

Cuatro Islas: Mahaba Island

Cuatro Islas: Mahaba Island
Cuatro Islas: Mahaba Island


We approached Apid with the view of a thriving community. Its shore was busy with their own, local-made banca which they either sell or use for fishing. We took our time for a while, snorkeled and swam before leaving for the next island.

Cuatro Islas: Apid Island

Cuatro Islas: Apid Island

Cuatro Islas: Apid Island



Our last stop. Digyo will make any beach bum fall in love with its two white sandbars. This island features the abundance of tropical palms, unlike in Mahaba and Apid. If you get tired of swimming, you may explore the island and see interesting beach rock on the other side. And the sunrise is just as amazing as the sunset in Digyo, a sight you should never miss.

Cuatro Islas: Digyo Island

Cuatro Islas: Digyo Island

Cuatro Islas: Digyo Island

Cuatro Islas: Digyo Island

Cuatro Islas: Digyo Island

Cuatro Islas: Digyo Island

Cuatro Islas: Digyo Island



From Cebu, we left from Pier 3 and took the 9PM schedule via Roble Shipping and arrived in Hilongos port around 3AM on the next day. The regular economy fare is ₱270 while the tourist class is ₱370. You may check Roble Shipping schedule and rates on their website.

There were no vehicles yet when we reached Hilongos port so we stayed for awhile in the ferry until 4:30 AM then took a tricycle to Inopacan for ₱50 each.



Island Hopping Boat Rentals

₱2,500 - up to 10 persons
₱3,000 - 11 to 20 persons
₱4,000 - 21 to 30 persons
₱500 - overnight surcharge at Digyo Island


Cottage Rentals

₱500 - closed cottage
₱300 - open cottage
₱150 - camping tent
₱200 - portable tent
₱50 - overnight surcharge
₱50 - tent space rent
₱50 - table
₱10 - chair

Additional Fees

₱50 - Maintenance fee (LGU)
₱10 - Entrance fee (DENR)
₱10 - Environmental Fee (Barangay)



  • Expect a full booking during weekends and holidays. The Island hopping is a first come first serve basis. I would highly suggest to be in the Tourism office as early as you can before the first trip at 6AM.
  • If it's not possible to bring your own food and drinking water for an overnight stay at Digyo, you can still buy on the island, however, at a much higher price.
  • Toilets and shower rooms are available. And there are those who sell fresh water for ₱50 per container for bathing or cleaning.
  • There are no light posts in Digyo so your source of light during evenings would be the moon and stars. chars. Therefore, I recommend bringing flashlights and power banks.
  • Just like we did, if you still have time, you may include Canigao Island and Mahayahay or Karap-agan Falls in your itinerary.
  • If you happen to include side trips after Cuatro Islas, make sure to secure first tickets back to Cebu as they run out quickly especially on weekends and holidays.

Check out my video on YouTube for the places we visited in Leyte including Cuatro Islas. And don't forget to Like and Subscribe 😉 Enjoy!

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