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Stunning Sunset at Mauyog Peak
Known for its coral-like peak, Mt. Mauyog’s incongruity made me long to experience the real thing beyond just the surreal photographs. But when I was finally able to summit Mauyog, it left me in awe for a different reason.

If mountains are humans, then Mt. Mauyog is definitely a stunner. Other than its beautiful gigantic coral rock peak, its enchanting sunset on the other side of the peak was EVERYTHING.

Getting There + Fees

Around quarter to 3 PM, we reached Brgy. Tabunan, a 9-10 km from our house in Adlaon.
  • FAQ: Other than JY square-Tabunan/Cantipla route, you can also pass through Pit os-Tabunan, although it is not suggested unless you have a private vehicle. 
We met Robinson, our guide, who lives in Tabunan. He knows the trail and community well. Before, he was restricted to guide guests to Mt. Mauyog and Manunggal because he's a non-resident of Balamban.
  • FAQ: We reached Mt. Mauyog via Tabunan-Sunog trail. However, Tabunan is part of Cebu City, while Sunog is part of Balamban province. 
The good thing is, he's an experienced and well-known Mauyog-Manuggal guide because he already appeared on different blogs and he gained referrals as well. Thus, his connections brought him back to business.

We reached the foot of Mauyog at 4:20 PM. Although we could have arrived earlier, the muddy trail from the heavy rain in the morning slowed down our pacing. Nevertheless, the pleasant view of the neighboring mountains when we progressed our trek and the alleviating sight of Manuggal peak pumped us to stride harder.

When we were about 30 to 40 minutes from the peak, we were disappointed to find out that Robinson can no longer guide us as he did with his previous clients. The owner of the land where the peak is located strictly provides his own guides now. So aside from the 500 peso guide fee we paid to Robinson, we also had to pay another 300 pesos for a separate guide to the peak - on top of the 30-peso entrance fee to the operator. It was all unexpected, but backing down now wasn’t an option.

So we left our backpacks in the sari-sari store where we had our registration and made our way to the peak before the sun set.

Sunset at the Peak

We got to the peak just before the sun began to set. There were no other groups when we arrived at the peak so we got to enjoy the sunset all to ourselves and took a multitudinous of photos :D

Stunning Sunset at Mauyog Peak

Stunning Sunset at Mauyog Peak

Stunning Sunset at Mauyog Peak

Stunning Sunset at Mauyog Peak

Stunning Sunset at Mauyog Peak

Stunning Sunset at Mauyog Peak


Mt. Mauyog Itinerary

2:45 PM ETA Sitio Cawayan, Brgy. Tabunan
2:50 PM ETD Start Trek
4:20 PM ETA Mauyog Foot, Registration and left our backpack
4:30 PM ETD Mauyog Assault
5:10 PM ETA Mauyog Peak
6:00 PM ETD Mauyog foot assault
6:40 PM ETA Mauyog foot
7:30 PM ETA Manunggal Camp site via multicab

Guide contact number: Robinson - 09079283940


Tabunan-Mt. Mauyog Guide fee: 500 php (as a group)
Mt. Mauyog Entrance fee: 30 php each
Mt. Mauyog Guide fee: 300 php (group of 5)
Multicab fare from Mauyog to Manuggal: 50 php each

Note: Excluding habal-habal fare from Pit-os-Adlaon-Tabunan


  • Mauyog has 2 peaks. If you wish to stay for the sunset, inform your guide in advance to take you where the sun sets.
  • If possible, wear trek sandals not shoes because you will pass through a river and shoes are not convenient.
  • If possible, wear dri-fit shirt and leggings, or body and leg  rash guard to protect you from the scorching heat, and thorns, spines and prickles.

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