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A day in Bohol may sound outrageous but with FastCat’s new route plying Cebu to Tubigon (Bohol), we did it! With its FerryFast, FerrySafe, and FerryConvenient we traveled Bohol like never before. Although it's my second time in Bohol, coming here has always been exciting. From exploring its beautiful countryside to walking through its white and pristine beaches, the Bohol experience is always unique in its own way.

Our day started at Pier 3. We waited for our other friends to join us for the first trip at 7:30 AM. It was my first time to ride with FastCat, I didn’t know what to expect since I rarely travel by the sea. But I was very impressed at how modern and huge the vessel was. I learned that it can accommodate 275 passengers, 34 cars, and 7 trucks or buses in its meter lanes. This roro also has Wi-Fi on board, televisions sets, air-conditioned spaces, a canteen, and luggage area. And if that isn’t impressive enough, FastCat is the only vessel that caters to the needs of the disabled with designated elevators and storage for wheel chairs.

We were lucky to get into the bridge and meet the Captain who was manning the vessel. They showed us around and educated us on some of the navigational equipment. I learned that the average speed of a FastCat vessel is 16.5 knots, powered by four engines. And guess what, most roro vessels only possess one -which explains why FastCat is faster than any other roro vessel.


At 9:00 AM, we docked at Tubigon port. It only took us an hour and a half from Cebu to enter the Bohol’s scenic countryside through Tubigon. From there, we wasted no time and chartered a tourist van to Tubigon Loom-Weaving Multi Purpose Cooperative.


The Tubigon Loom-Weaving Multi Purpose Cooperative is Bohol's pride. It has been operating for years already, producing indigenous bags, curtains, placemats and banig which are made of what we call in Bisaya dialect as puso sa buli.


Our next stop was Chocolate Hills Adventure Park (CHAP) located in Carmen, Bohol, an hour and a half travel from Tubigon. I have visited the Chocolate Hills once the first time I went to Bohol but it was not via CHAP.

CHAP is an eco-tourism adventure park in Bohol with over 30 thrilling adventure activities for kids and adults including bike zip line, horseback riding, wall climbing, and many more. But aside from the adventures and attractions, CHAP also offers lunch buffet in an alfresco restaurant setting.


After our adventures and sumptuous lunch at CHAP, we went to see the Philippine tarsier, an attraction you will only see in Bohol.

In its sanctuary, you will not see them just anywhere. In fact, each of them is being stationed in a tree or area so the tour guide can easily show them to the tourists. Besides, tarsiers are a small species. You don't wanna play hide and seek with them all day because they're so hard to find. But I swear they are the cutest, although their big eyes bothered me at first. You'll love them eventually. They are just so fascinating!And oh! They're shy by the way, so no loud voices and camera flashes.


We had a mandatory stop at the Bohol Man-made forest on our way to Tagbilaran City from the Philippine Tarsier Sanctuary because this kaleidoscope of green foliage is a definite must-see! A pro-tip though: advise your driver to stop at a non-crowded part of the forest if you don’t want to pay entrance fees and get photobombers.


The Bohol National Museum is an often overlooked attraction. This museum presents Bohol through the various traces of the islands. It houses remains of past survival, pictures, archeological materials, and unearthed objects mainly from Anda Peninsula, Mabini, Trinidad and Talibon. These relics give us insights to the prehistory of Bohol. The objects and images we found inside the museum embody a vital interlace of Bohol’s heritage that shapes its present story, just like the dioramic explanation of how the Chocolate Hills were formed, or how the island developed throughout the years.


A few minutes away from the museum is the Bohol Compact Shrine. A shrine that represents a very important event in the Philippines history that we only read in our textbooks in grade school. This site serves as a memorabilia of the historical event between Miguel Lopez de Legazpi of Spain and Rajah Sikatuna of Bohol where they performed a blood compact or known as Sandugo to seal their treaty of friendship.


We ended our day at Gerada's, a well-known family restaurant in Tagbilaran to replenish our energy after the day. They served Filipino dishes and their own specialties. The place is pretty impressive. They say it's an ancestral house converted to a restaurant. Sisig and Pancit were my favorites from our order. But next time I want to try the Dinakdakan and Kare-Kare. I have seen good reviews and people raving about it online. The price for me is reasonable for its generous serving. Gerarda's is worth a try if you are looking for a good place to eat in Tagbilaran.

After Gerarda's, we had a spontaneous stop-over at the Buzz Ice Cream before heading to the port for the last trip at 10:30 PM. At 12 MN, we arrived at Cebu safely, thanks to FastCat for making our trip to Bohol worthwhile.

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