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For girls like me who frequently travel and with so many activities going on, I learned that I should be taking good care of my skin more than ever. I am not getting any younger and investing in good skin care products is my saving, but sometimes it's not enough (especially to those who are in constant battle with acne). That's why I'm always on a lookout for effective products and sustainable approach to step up my skincare routine and satisfy my skin needs.

A few weeks ago, I was able to try the service at Blue Crystal Facial, Slimming, And Spa and I would say it was one of the best beauty treats I've experienced. I have gone to facial before, it was my first time, but the experience wasn't out of the ordinary so I did not bother to try another one until recently. I'm glad I did because this time Blue Crystal Facial, Slimming, And Spa this did not fail me.


Blue Crystal Facial, Slimming, And Spa is owned by Charity Young who's been in the business for 25 years. Her 6-year established first branch in Tagbilaran, Bohol paved its way to finally open its second branch here in Cebu, located at the 2nd level of Queensland Manor Condominium in Rahman St, and has been operating for a year now.

I knew right away I was in the right place when the beautiful aesthecians, Rain and Ivy, greeted me upon entering the facility. Their radiant skin will show you how you badly need their services. Haha! At this moment, I was thrilled for my facial to start which is called Aqua Doll Facial.


Aqua Doll is a non-invasive treatment to rejuvenate skin. With the use of exfoliation, iontophoresis, hydration, and integrated vacuum extraction. The procedure is an all-encompassing tool to combat impurities.

To understand more about the procedure, here is the step-by-step guide.

The Steps in Aqua Dolls Facial:

1. Cleanse - the first and basic step using a cleansing milk to remove the dirt, oil, and make-up on my face. I learned that milk clean is quite gentle on skin and suitable for all skin type, whether you have sensitive skin or dry-oily skin.

2. Scrub - a gentle exfoliation to help smooth the skin by scrubbing away dry and dead skin cells.
3. Steam - the steam part lasted for a good 10 minutes for my pores to open up and prepare for the next step.

4. Wax - this is where they use wax strips to remove blackheads and whiteheads on the prone areas - your T-zone! The strips were placed on my face and removed after 10 mins. Weird but it was satisfying to see the condones pulled out from my face on a wax strip. My face feels squeaky clean!

5. Cleanse - re-applying the cleansing milk with a sonic cleansing brush to remove the wax residues

6. Prick - kudos to Rain, she's very gentle with this part. As for me, it did not take long as the waxing helped eliminate what hasn't to be there. The wax did the trick.

7. Aqua Peel - this step differs with other facials. All through the process,  the tool used to vacuum the skin also releases whitening serum which provides moisture and can decrease the scrubbing irritation to the skin.

8. Oxyjet Peel - this is to treat the age spots, dry, dull, and damaged skin that requires skin smoothing and polishing with the use of oxygen infusion. Then it was followed by applying collagen and anti-ageing serum/capsule.

9. Mask - facial mask to help close the pores and give my skin time to absorb all the nutrients from the serums throughout the procedure.

10. Vitafusion with Collagen - Lastly, applying collagen cream all over my face.


The session took for about 1 hour and 30 minutes and I'm loving every minute of it. I tried not to expect much in the beginning because my first facial experience was a major fail.  But Blue Crystal Slimming and Spa has set the standard for me when it comes to facial. Instantly, my face looked so healthy and glowing after the treatment! I'm very pleased with the result. No soreness, redness, or stinging sensations that often associated with other facial treatments. I can still run errands worry-free.

(Left) Selfie Taken Right After the Facial  (Right) My Bare Face on the Next Day

If you are confused on what facial to get, I asked Rain regarding the difference of Aqua Doll Facial among others like the Diamond Light-Facial. I learned that during vacuum extraction in both procedures, the machine used in Aqua Doll releases whitening serum while there's none in Diamond Light-Facial. In my understanding, these facials are pretty similar in procedures there are only steps being modified according to your need. And based on my further research, Aqua Peel is for those with sensitive and dry skin as the tool used to peel or vacuum the skin releases serum. Diamond peel, on the other hand, is ideal to treat a heavier skin problem.

Aside from facial and treatments,  Blue Crystal Slimming and Spa also offers underarm whitening, face & body lift, eyelash extension & perming, eyebrow microshading & microblading, and more.

If you have more questions regarding the services you may reach them through their Facebook page and contact number below.

2nd level Queensland Manor, Rahman street Cebu City
0999 223 5399

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